Monday, October 13, 2008

The best straight pin holder ever

Complained to Chrysanthemum that I wanted a magnetic pin holder but not one of those gosh awful plastic things you see in a fabric store.

Nope, instead I wanted something to coordinate with the SkitzoLeezraStudio - lime green, white, black or first preference of shiny silver. (Caw, caw!)

Imagine my surprise when she presented this to me the very next day.

She found it in the automotive section of WalMart. Mechanics use the trays to hold tools and bolts and such.

Surely the utilitarian appeal and magnetic feature was enough to satisfy my wants and needs but check this out, it sticks to my metal bookshelves, vertically!

Guess I won't have to call my brother to come over and rake his bare foot across the floor to pick up stray pins and needles anymore. Those tender feet of his are so good at finding every sharp point.

HE should write Chrysanthemum the thank you note!

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