Monday, September 24, 2007

Shiny Metal Stuff

Shiny stuff makes me say, CAW CAW!

Metalliferous is the end-all be-all source for jewelry crafters. For this part time jewelry dabbler, it was sensory overload.
Shopping in real estate challenged Manhattan is not like languidly walking the aisles of your local big box Hobby Lobby. Metal bookshelves are arranged in aisles about 24" apart with hundreds of boxes on each rack and a sample item glued on the outside. Place your selected items in a bag and record the price on bag. And constantly find someone in YOUR way or yourself in someone else's path. Get yourself some tunnel vision, know what the hell you want and get out!
So, not knowing what I NEEDED, I quickly scanned the boxes and grabbed these random items. The photo represents about $ 12.00
Stay tuned to see where the metal trinkets show up!

Fish, alligators, angels, armadillos, OH MY!

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