Friday, September 14, 2007

Scraps o' fabric

Skitzo Leezra:
My mom was a daughter of a Depression era mother and thus, could not throw away a fabric scrap. Every dress made by her included a matching purse or headband or both. I thought it was because she liked doing that. She recently told me that it was part of the fabric obsession. Guess what? I cannot toss fabric either but am glad to report that I have one friend that quilts and another that makes baby bibs so no worries about little piles of scraps.

Of course, now that I've discovered the joys of the drawstring bag, the tiniest bit of fabric can turn into some kind of recyclable (environmentally friendly!)gift bag, which is good since I'm beyond the hair scrunchy days.
I am actively working, though, to eschew my Depression Era gene pool. I cut up old t-shirts and tank tops for rags this weekend, and instead of saving the tank-top arm straps--a la my great great grandmother who buried her cash in a mayonnaise jar in her dirt basement rather than trust a bank--I THREW THEM AWAY. Baby steps.

Happy sewing!

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