Friday, September 14, 2007

Craft Karma

I am going to heaven, through my good works in craft. I am certain of it.
Friday night, Hayes, the eldest 10 year old nephew, spent the night with me. He brought over the remains of his beloved "mine", his mom's satin-y Vic's Secret pajama that he adored as a child and apparently still does. He pulled it out of his bag and asked if we could make something out of it. I suggested a sham style pillowcase.
Bless me already, right? We measured, cut out, pinned and then I sat him in front of sewing machine. He was a bit surprised when I instructed him to situate his foot on the pedal and hands on the machine. But he did surprisingly well. He was really proud of himself and got into it. After he fell asleep, the control freak in me took it back to attach a Velcro dot on the back to mind the gape in back. When I showed it to him the next day, he studied it and asked how I sewed in a circle. Already he is analyzing stitches and such!
Then Saturday the other two nephews came over for individual craft time. They selected chunky foam stamps, applied paint and stamped onto pre-cut greeting cards. They both loved the process and were quite proud of their artwork. Walter, the 5 year old, used a huge fleur-de-lis that was too large for the card. This is his blue paint card. It was so awesome that I copied it after he left.

Gregory, the almost 4 year old, stamped a blue butterfly onto red paper. Quite striking, gonna copy that too. It is way more cheerful than anything I would ever do. (My stamping friend laughs at my constant choices of "dirt colors". I love me some taupe, brown and olive!)

Create some crafting karma for yourself!

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