Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Super cheap organization

This is my favorite craft and sewing organizer. Flat cardboard boxes from canned drink cases.
I tote a stack of them from work when the Coca~Cola machine is refilled and use them for everything.

  • Projects in progress can be tossed together and stashed away.
  • Or sit the box on your lap while you watch television. Trim paper and let the scraps fall. Toss the whole thing when finished.
  • If you stagger them in a Rubbermaid type storage box, you can keep your materials neat and separate.
  • These boxes are great for painting small craft projects!
  • Decoupage paper images are sorted by genre.
  • A favorite for kitty lounging.
  • Great transport for food.

Yeah, yeah, I know that the boxes aren't acid free but storage is not long term nor do I care. As my friend Chrysanthemum would say,

"If it is free, it's for me!"

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