Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Gift wrap station

~or~ Don't Hate Me Because I'm Anal (retentive)

A boyfriend from way back had a terrific grandmother with a gift wrap ROOM! Wall mounted gift wrap roll holders, open shelving along each wall with a large flat area for wrapping. I was inspired and aspired to have an area like that one day. Here is my homage to her.

A few more pix from my studio, specifically the closet that is the gift wrap station. Gift bags on left, sorted by size (of course) and tied to closet rod with random pieces of ribbon. S-hooks would be better, I just keep forgetting to get those while at the hardware store.

Ribbon, tags, tissue, tape, etc. on right. The unpainted wood hutch purchased from Lowe's. Tissue paper is sorted by color. The Coca-Cola six pack holder is great storage for those small scraps of paper. (Yes, I'm a hoarder! But an organized hoarder!) Gift stash below.

Gift wrap is stowed in metal box next to wrapping table.

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