Saturday, June 18, 2011

Watch yo' shelf

While mapping out the room, I decided match the shelving depth to the 24" work surfaces for a more cohesive look.
Edsal shelves were on sale at Lowe's so two went home with me. Metal posts and shelves were spray painted ivory to coordinate with the purposely neutral walls and floor. The wood shelf inserts were black and not raw wood as shown online or on box. Woozy from spray paint fumes, I opted not to paint the shelves.

Word to the wise: have a buddy assist when assembling. The pieces aren't heavy but must be level.

The posts and supports are metal thus magnet backed glass top boxes are perfect storage for extra needles and such.

WooHoo! It's time to fold some fabric and sort and alphabetize it accordingly.

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Kristie said...

Could you please give a tutuorial on alphabetizing fabric? Thanks. Oh wait. Never mind. I am not even close to being anal rententive ...I'd never do it. I can't keep up with your posts these days! It's great! The studio is inspiring and I've gotten some great ideas from you. Congratulations on what must feel like Utopia to you now.