Thursday, June 16, 2011

Starting at the top

Okay, the carpet was gone. Room emptied. If there was a time to scrap the the nasty ass cottage cheese ceiling, it's now.

Man, oh, manoshevitz, how I wish I could meet the guy who invented that textured shit. It would be a serious ass kicking for sure. Maybe not, I've never had a physical fight but I can guar-damn-tee ya, it would at least warrant a windmill swinging and slapping of arms and hands.

Anywho, here's how get rid of the crud.
Get yourself a sprayer. Big but not too big because water is heavy, don't ya know. Lay down some plastic.
Spray the ceiling. Spray it again. Try a scrape. If it releases easily, get to it, be-yotch. If it doesn't, spray it again. When your fabulous sister and wonderful mom come over to help, restrain yourself from weeping from joy.

Scrape it, patch it, prime it and paint it.
Slap up a cool light fixture (Lowe's) on it and toss some shiny stuff on that.

More is more, I say.
Of course
it needed a disco ball.


Teresa Evangeline said...

A disco ball ! sheer genius! I am going to get me one. Mood enhancing for sure. thank you!

SkitzoLeezra said...

If a feng shui crystal can move around the chi (energy), imagine what a disco ball can do. Mood enhancing to be sure.