Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How it started

Late one Sunday night I realize I'd forgotten to put fresh sheets on the now stripped bed. Too lazy to remake my bed late at night, I decided to sleep in the guest room.

"What a cozy room," I thought to myself. It felt better than my much larger bedroom. Build a ginormous house with super high ceilings and note most folks will congregate and linger in a smaller room with a lower ceiling. It's an animal cave-like anthropological type thing. Anywho, I realized I never liked my bedroom because it was simply too large. Furniture had been brought in, rearranged, switched, etc but it never felt right.

All I did in there was sleep anyway . . . why not switch rooms? The guest room could become my bedroom, my craft room, the new guest room and my big bedroom would be the newly expanded Skitzo Leezra Studio!

The room was quickly measured and I began to graph out the new project. Holy guacamole, the current craft room was overflowing and could be consolidated in the larger studio! I could barely sleep that night in anticipation.

The next day I emptied my bedroom and ripped out the carpet . . . .


Kristie said...

Four posts in three days...I'm loving it! And speaking of loving it - I don't know if I'm more envious of your stash or your incredible craft studio. Beautiful!I think the higher ceiling is probably better for letting all those great ideas bounce around with a little more freedom anyway. Nothing worse than being all trapped up somewhere. Expecting fun and exciting things from you now (no pressure). Just today I found the nasty word flip book. Love it so much. Making one for each of my kids for Christmas stocking stuffers. They are just learning to read. Haha. Kidding. They are grown and I properly screwed them up years ago so now I just feed the monster within them. Quit your day job so you can post more often. Don't ribbon whores make good money? If you can keep them out of the gutters, I guess.

SkitzoLeezra said...

Anyone else wanna see the nasty word flip book? Check out the following link:

SkitzoLeezra said...

Good stuff, Kristie! Messing up your kids, calling me a ribbon whore and promoting abandonment of job. You and I could so hang together.