Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Stuff I Didn't Even Photograph

Ernest has been ON MY ASS to stitch up 2 table leaf storage bags since February and I had no problem promising him I would do it but there was always something else calling to me from the SkitzoLeezra Studio. After sending his first spawn a box full of baby stuff, he reminded me AGAIN about the bags. Well, even if I had 6 months to make them and I procrastinated the entire time, I hate feeling rushed and under pressure. I envisioned 2 matching lined sturdy bags with nice closures and perhaps a carrying strap. CANCEL

Instead I pirooted through my fabric stash and found I had enough denim to make one bag and not enough (appropriately heavy) fabric for the other. Trixie to the rescue! She gave me (people give me stuff!) a heavy weight tablecloth with a slight stain and ~~ahhh~~ it was the perfect size! 2 super long bags with boxed bottom corners and I was finished! A buttonhole was stitched to top so a fold-over flap would be formed. The table leaf storage bags were packaged with the second baby loot box and shipped to Connecticut. And guess what? Ernest loved them! I was kinda ashamed of the simplicity but he was happy to have them. Eileen tells me that he liked the simple bags more than the baby stuff. MORE than the things that took me weeks to make.

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