Friday, September 11, 2009

Shower curtain from a drop cloth

At least 12 years ago I purchased a huge paint drop cloth from Helm Paint & Supply to make a custom shower curtain for my New Orleans apartment's 10' high ceilings. Folded the top and sewed a curtain pocket - easy, cheap and fast.
Moved to Houston with a typical ceiling height so folded over the the top to make a wider heading and learned how to install grommets.

Every once and awhile a guest will comment on the paint drop cloth shower curtain and say, "You know, you could paint on that curtain" and the idea has never appealed to me. I love the rough linen-like texture and simpleness but this year opted to mix a little refinement with the humble and added a monogram.

Making do with a 12 year old shower curtain,
I am,

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