Friday, October 2, 2009

File under: She's Got Too Much Time On Her Hands

While doing laundry, I examine the white wash cloths* and insure that I am not washing and folding them with the cleaning rags** (the old white wash cloths).

Anywho, being anally retentive and all, I stacked the rags next to my sewing machine last week and ran a stitch over the edge for easy reference. (See below, stitched over washcloth and butted the next one right behind it, then clipped the threads to separate.)

All better now, bet I saved 4 whopping minutes off my monthly laundry time!
Oh well, it makes me happy.

*According to my aunt, if used on your body, properly called wash cloths.

** For household use, designation is cleaning rags. (Cloths and rags should not be laundered together because of the various chemicals and solutions used on rags.)

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