Friday, June 12, 2009

Water meter cover of the day

Hey, I showed ya an actual water meter cover from New Orleans the other day but unless you've spent time in the Crescent City, you might not know that it is a revered design icon and is copied and reproduced in every imaginable form.

Purchased a silver charm at Gary's Arts & Crafts and strung it with glass beads on elastic thread for an immediate gratification project.
Please to enjoy, my Sewerage and Water Board Crescent Box water meter cover charm necklace!


Louisiana Momma said...

ohh Gary's is awesome!!! I could spend hours in that place.. when I visit my mom in covington I like to stop in there.. their water meters are nice.. but the Turquoise Coyote in Baton Rouge has some that are close to the same price with a more "refined" look.. it's crazy how much the finished water meter pieces sell for in the french market!!

Skitzo Leezra said...

Oh, thanks, I'll check out the Turquoise Coyote. I hear there's a location in Ponchatoula as well?