Tuesday, June 30, 2009

3 bears 3 burp cloths

And my first attempt at crayon tinting! I perused the tutorial offered at Pimp Stitch and made some lazy girl shortcuts, below.
The embroidery
Pattern glommed from doe-c-doe's site. She graciously shares embroidery designs and while I am no fan of "cutesy", the three bears were perfect for a 3 pack of baby burp cloths. doe-c-doe's illustration had all 3 bears in one illustration but I split up the kvetching family by downloading the graphic, printing 3 copies, trimming each bear individually, tracing with an iron-on transfer pen and ironing 1 bear each on 3 burp cloths. Note: I did not use the mirror image option on my printer but should if image is directional.

Skipping 2 -3 steps in the crayon tinting process, I simply filled crayon color after the transfer was ironed. Then I placed a clean sheet of paper over the tinted graphic and ironed again to set color.

Next was stitching. With a little touch of femininity for Mama Bear.

After completing the first bear,
I realized the stitching could be hidden in the many layers of the diaper with only knots on back. My next lesson to learn is how to use waste knots.

(I still maintain burp cloths were wrongly named.)

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