Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Water bottle sling made from 2 neckties

Saw a necktie water bottle sling tutorial posted on the Internet and thought I would try it. Well, I tried to do it from memory and completely got it wrong but ended with my own different technique. Check out the Betz White link above or my tutorial below and make your own.

Place a water bottle down on two ties, as shown. Figure out how high you would like the tie to be on the bottle height. The bottle is more secure with a higher span.

Stitch a square base. I cut a square shape from a hard plastic expired gift card and inserted between the two ties to stabilize the base.

Straight stitch the 2 open sides. You won't be able to stitch all the way down the base so start a 1/4" from the bottom and stitch toward the broad tie points.

Here is photo after 1 side stitched. See those 2 interior flaps? Great place to stash sutff like cash or credit cards! Straight pins were slipping on the silk I used these paper binder clips.

Stitch the small necktie points to the large tie points.


Louisiana Momma said...

that is the cutest water bottle carrier.. I have a bag FULL of ties and that is a neat idea to try it on :-) I really enjoyed your blog. Found it thru flickr I think.. Im also in Louisiana (southwest near Lake Charles), but lived on your side (metairie and covington) for a few years.

Mel Makes Pretty said...

That is an awesome Idea. and thanks for the tute. I love your blog, I came by it from craftster.

Skitzo Leezra said...

Thanks for checking in!