Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Silk tie fabric scarf

My buddy Eileen sent me a stash of fabulous silk tie fabric so I just had to make her something wonderful to show my undying gratitude. She likes purple and a bit of glitz, thus, the bead trim.

Hey, remember that post about "people give me stuff"? My buddy Kay gave me the purple bead trim! Crafting karma, I tell ya! Eileen gives, she gets back. Kay gives, she gets . . . oops, better go make something for her!

Paying it backward,

I am,


  • Uncut men's silk tie fabric: 6 ties wide, full length
  • Folded and pressed, lengthwise
  • With wrong sides together, sewed long side together
  • Turned inside out
  • Pressed hem allowance on both short ends
  • Inserted bead trim with header, pinned
  • Hand sewed ends with whip stitch

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