Friday, July 8, 2011

My new black drawers

You checkin' out my black drawers?
My drawers were grey and little rusty.
I bought them second hand
at a flea market.
Ever bought used drawers
at an open air trading post?
You'll need to wipe
or vacuum them out.

How's about some black spray paint?

Um, no.
Paint FAIL!
Look at the bubbling mess.

What's a crafting skitzo to do?
Paint that shit again.
Paint it again.
Layer the paint until the
bubbling texture looks smooth.

Slap some labels on it.
Be proud of your OCD.

1 comment:

Kristie said...

I could sure use a dose of OCD. Your studio is very enviable. On the drawing you have a cutting table. Someday are you going to show that to us? Nice drawers. I repainted a file cabinet once and it had bumps in it, but they were little bugs! Nothing seems to attract bugs like wet paint.