Saturday, April 30, 2011

Book cover

Kristie the commenter asked where I've been.
Down a rabbit hole, I think.
Last year, I had an easy job where I blogged from work and worked on volunteer group obligations to pass the day. Now that I have a "real" job, volunteer work is done in the evenings thus, cutting into my craft and blogging time.
Very little crafting lately and I gotta tell ya, it's been wearing me down. However COMMA I am working on a new and improved craft room. More soon. I promise!
Here's a cute book cover sewed for a volunteer group friend. One handle made longer; the other, shorter. The longer handle pushed through the shorter handle holds the book closed. If you make one, note the ends of the longer handle could be placed closer to center. Fray Check applied to webbing. (It's not yet dry in the photo.)

Upholstery fabric, cotton webbing handles.

Super fast + super easy = just like your ma.


Kristie said...

Yay! She's baa-aaa-ack. (That looks more like sheep speak than a poltergeist greeting, but oh well.) Glad you're back from the rabbit hole, Alice. How cool that you volunteer. I guess if I got up off my butt and did the same I wouldn't have missed you so much! Love the book cover. Didn't know you knew my mom...actually, sounds more like myself!

Skitzo Leezra Studio said...

Thanks Kristie!
Mind you, I'm not bitching about stuff I volunteered to do, I just need to adjust the level.
'Preciate your checking in!

giddy99 said...

I've missed you, too! I left a comment about you on the OTHER blog.

The book cover handles are brilliant! :)