Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Waist not, want not

Have been on a tear lately, what with altering seams, hems and such to personally tailor ill fitting garb. Chrysanthemum gave me a Burberry plaid skirt and the waist band either made me cry ~or~ I wouldn't button it. Even moving the button over wouldn't cure the problem but the skirt otherwise fit perfectly. Instead of blaming my own body, I deemed it to be a manufacturing misfit as the waistband was simply too small. But you know I loves me some plaid so out comes the seam ripper.

The waist band is gone, I tell ya.

Serged the lining and the skirt together.

Attached grosgrain ribbon from my stash.

Folded the ribbon to the interior of skirt.

Hand sewed the ribbon for hidden stitches.

Top stitched the skirt, following the tartan plaid for less obvious machine sewn lines.


It's plaid!

It's a skirt with a
no-cry waist band!

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