Saturday, August 8, 2009

Learning the lessons the wrong way

But having fun anyway.

My great grandmother quilted and so did my mom. And I have always wanted to but just didn't feel ready for the commitment for classes, instruction, and the mess.
When I read the Gee's Bend book, I decided that when I did get around to trying a quilt, I would just wing it and play.

First attempt: a baby blanket

Tried quilt piecing with random scraps and cut those to hell and learned that curves are not for beginners. Decided that all that work would not be for naught so cut and pieced it into binding strips. If ever you gave me a piece of fabric, it is probably here in my very scrappy mixture.

Forget the pieced quilt. A fabric blanket might be better for first attempt. Tried to quilt in triangle type patterns but the fabric was too unwieldy in weight and size so quickly decided that random lines in various thread colors would work. Bored after only color, I stopped quilting.

Last night, I ironed and pinned the super long strip of binding.

Next step: sewing it on the faux quilt.

Am I gonna look for instructions for attaching binding to a quilt? Nope.

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