Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas crack, it's a good thing

This craftster chick posted her recipe for Christmas Crack and dang, it is some good!

Here is my version:
Strange thing, I had less than a full bag of chocolate chips, how does that happen? So I melted some white chocolate bark and poured that atop the melted chocolate chips and swirled it around. Worried that it might then be TOO sweet, I sprinkled some coarse kosher salt on top. LOVE me some sweet and salt combo snacks!

Oh WAIT! I forgot the moment of Zen:
press your nose against the glass window of your oven and watch the saltine crackers rise and fall with bubbling of molten sugar through the cracker holes. It is mesmerizing, I tell ya!

Here is my post to the Christmas Crack enabler:
Hey, why don't you post your recipe for methamphetamine next year because it would be LESS addictive than this stuff!! Thanks for making me a Christmas crackhead!

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