Thursday, August 21, 2008

Easy organizer made from placemat

So easy and so cute!
Found a pack of 4 black and white paisley placemats for $4 - WooHoo! Copied the organizer idea from my friend Elizabeth's seminar gift and presented my new committee with their choice of ribbon - blue, pink, green and violet.

To make one for your very ownself, find some cool reversible placemats. Place the mat with long sides on top and bottom. Fold bottom up to form long pocket. Press fold with hot iron. With a water soluble marker, make lines for paper pad and pen holder. Sew on lines. Stitch left edge with 12" ribbon inserted at top of pocket. Stitch right edge. Stitch right hand of pen channel with 12" ribbon below (on reverse side). The right hand ribbon will be on the right hand fold. Fold right hand side to center. Press fold with hot iron. Fold left hand side to center. Press fold with hot iron. Tie up with that precious ribbon!

Other ideas:
Sew a clear vinyl pocket to insert business card.
Monogram outside cover.
Sew ribbon stripe on outside cover.
Oh! Almost forgot, I covered the top edge of the paper pad with black and white paper to cover the unattractive manufacturer's logo. You could print out the recipient's name on paper and glue it there.

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