Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Silk skirt

Whipped up a skirt out the fabulous Eileen silk tie fabric stash. Considered cropping the photo so you wouldn't see my unfinished hem shame but hey, this a blog of truth, right? Confession: I still don't know how to hem.
However COMMA as a beginner to sewing, I consider myself to be a genius because I didn't even consider that the silk stripes should match at not only the front and back seams but the side seams as well. The photo does not show the perfectly placed stripes but I assure, they are there. How did I do it? I don't know! I just kept playing with pattern and fabric until it looked right and held my breath as I finally cut the silk.

  • Bad news: Don't remember how to match stripes so probably will not attempt to make another.
  • Bad news: The skirt is too short to be flattering on me.
  • Good news: Faux niece wants it!
  • Bad news: Now I need to hem it for her.

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